High Alumina Bricks Buying Advice

High alumina refractory brick referred to asvwin.com , the annual demand in all types of refractory products accounted for more. It belongs to aluminum-silicon series refractory brick, almost involves all the industrial high temperature process equipment, because belongs to the neutral refractory material, can resist the acid material erosion, can resist the alkali material erosion.High alumina bricks usesis extensive, the scope of the industry involved is wide, a lot of people in the purchase of high aluminum brick, often do not make clear what kind of quality they buy refractory brick, today we buy high aluminum brick customers some small Suggestions, hope to help you.

High alumina bricks uses
High alumina bricks uses

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High alumina refractory brick according to the use of the industry can be divided into three categories. One is high alumina brick for blast furnace in iron and steel industry, the second is high alumina brick for non-blast furnace (also known as high alumina brick for ordinary furnace, the vast majority of high alumina refractory brick manufacturers are producing this kind of brick), the third is low creep high alumina brick, which is a special high aluminarefractory brick低蠕变率高temperature. So, when everybody is buying, the firebrick that affirmatory oneself needs above all belongs to which tall aluminium brick, this is very critical.

For high aluminum brick, can be divided into three levels of high aluminum brick, two levels of high aluminum brick, a high aluminum brick. Generally speaking, the customer knows he needs a few class of high aluminium brick, but as high aluminium brick manufacturer, we want to tell you carefully. A high alumina brick is the aluminum content is relatively high, secondary high alumina brick aluminum content will be lower, the aluminum content of three high alumina brick will be lower. Here, the method that our manufacturer of tall aluminium brick gives is, can ask the price of these a few kinds of tall aluminium firebrick again, ask the difference between them. Also can let the technology and the manufacturer communicate, according to the specific technical requirements to determine the grade ofhigh aluminum bricksand aluminum content.

High alumina bricks uses extensively, everybody is in with manufacturer inquiry, the dimension that must make clear to need firebrick, block number, ton number, special model brick should offer blueprint. If you are going to purchase at the end of the year, pay special attention, because at the end of each year, due to the requirements of environmental protection, firebrick manufacturers have to stop production and limit production, time limit can meet the requirements, also want to consider.

High Alumina Bricks By RS With Low Price
High Alumina Bricks By RS

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I plant mainly produces and manages the electric power, the chemical industry, the building materials, the iron and steel, the petroleum and so on the industrial kiln uses each kind of fireproof insulation material, the wear-resisting fireproof material and the metallurgy auxiliary material and so on. We are committed to the production ofhigh quality refractory products, products with excellent performance, to meet the use of the needs of many users, so that the customer has a huge economic and social benefits, by the customer’s trust and praise. We have our own professional construction team and technical guidance personnel, but also can provide customers with one-to-one customized services. Welcome to consult purchasing.

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